Monday, April 27, 2009

grrr.. so i have not got my tax refund!! so i called the irs, i had to fill this fourm out and fax it to them. this will 3-4 weeks! (to sent me info) the man said he thinks they sent it to the wrong address, if they did i hope that person didnt cash it, if that person cashed it, the irs will sent me a copy of the check to make sure it not my john handcox!! this will take another 5-6 weeks!! grr im never gonna get my money!!

one good thing i think im gonna get the pool job!! but i wont know 4sure til may!


  1. Why didn't you put your bank information for them to give you direct deposit, that's what we did. And you actually went for that job?

  2. ya i need money!! plus ill get a tan