Thursday, September 3, 2009

stolen mail!!!

so i sent my sister a flash drive, when she got it the corner of the envelope was torn. it was not there.... grrrr why!!!! i dont even know what to do!! it only had picture on it which i have copy's of but i want my flash drive, it was not cheap. who would steal out of the mail box?1?!?!?! their stupid .. because they could have had a $250 check. but i guess then i would know who took it when they singed it, anyways grrrrrrrrrrrr if anyone know what to do comment thanks!!

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  1. I like how I see you like everyday but I find out about your biggest events in your blog, haha.
    Well, that's a felony. Not sure there is really too much you can do. It can't be traced. You could maybe complain to the post office about it and see what they say. And for future reference, I would put insurance on the package so that it something like that happens again you can be reimbursed or something.